"We're STILL ready to believe y'all!!!"

Ghost problems in Western NC?  

We've evened the score since 2004!


The Tipton Hill  Fall Festival is tomorrow, October 25th, from 5 till 8 PM at the old school.  Please join Dr. Peterson in supporting the community there!


                                            Here's to another 30 years!!!!


Who is - "The Black Racer?"  Stay Tuned...


10-31-08 - ALL HALLOWS EVE

Happy Halloween from the Boys in Beige in Western NC!  Luckily things are quite a bit slower here ghost-wise than in years past.  More time to give candy to the kids, and for our new service of using our Proton Guns to remove trees and other prank-induced road debris - for a very reasonable fee of course!



Dr. Peterson plans to be in attendance at the Tipton Hill School Fall Festival on Saturday, October 25th, 4pm to 7pm!  Come on by, support the School - and of course, have a great time!